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The AgilePM Handbook is not available in PDF or electronic format and there is also no kindle version. This AgilePM Handbook and this handbook is based on The Agile Project Framework, the latest version of DSDM, and is intended to support the accredited Agile Project Manager (AgilePM®) Practitioner training course, as well as providing the definitive source for the AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner exams. Our aim is to encourage professional development in the field of Agile Project Management.

The most popular PDF are the AgilePM Foundation classroom training slides provided by Miroslaw Dąbrowski]

AgilePM PDF Manual online

The AgilePM handbook is not available online. However the DSDM Agile Handbook is available online and is almost the same content. Click here to view the DSDM Agile Handbook. You have also the choice to buy a hard copy.

Cost of AgilePM Manual / AgilePM Handbook

AgilePM Manual Contents

  1. Introduction to the Handbook
  2. Fundamentals
  3. AgilePM principles
  4. Preparation
  5. The Lifecycle
  6. Roles and Responsibilities
  7. Products
  8. Facilitated Workshops
  9. MoSCoW Prioritisation
  10. Iterative Development
  11. Modelling
  12. Timeboxing
  13. Configuring the Lifecycle for Evolution
  14. Requirements
  15. Estimating
  16. Measurement
  17. Delivering Quality
  18. Planning
  19. Control in Atern Projects
  20. Project Management
  21. Risk Management
  22. Testing
  23. Configuration Management
  24. Appendix A - AgilePM Glossary
  25. Appendix B - Project Approach Questionnaire (PAQ)
  26. Appendix C - Products Detail

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