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AgilePM 03: Incremental Delivery

The method of product delivery is one of the main differences between the adaptive and the predictive approaches. More specifically, through the adaptive approach multiple versions of the product are created, client feedback being used at each development cycle to customize the product to fit the expectations better and better.

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This is called Incremental delivery and can often be a more practical method of delivery than the Big-Bang delivery method, which is usually used in the predictive approach. The reason for this is that for the latter no actual feedback on the product is received before we release its final version. Therefore, we do not know for sure if the product really fits the expectations of the client until it is too late to change anything without repeating the whole process.

Building incrementally, from firm foundations, is a first principle used in Agile methodologies. It was drawn from the principles of the DSDM framework, one of the many Agile frameworks. Like other frameworks, such as XP or Scrum, DSDM was initially a methodology used by a group of people which was later given a name and made official by publishing a document or a book. Today, the latest version of this methodology is the basis for the Agile exam.

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