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AgilePM 04: Iterative Development

As established earlier, in adaptive approaches we have development cycles.

Iterative - 1.jpg

During each cycle we need to specify what we need to do, design the part of the solution, then build the code, test it, and finally integrate it with everything else we have created.

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This sort of development process is called iterative development. Through this process, the evolving solution develops from a concept to a product which has an acknowledged business value. Developing iteratively represents one of the key principles of DSDM. With each cycle, the product is brought closer to finish. The cycles begin and end with a dialogue, as stated by the DSDM principles of continuous and clear collaboration and communication. The initial dialogue focuses on what has to be done and how. Most of the times, this is simply an event of informal planning. After the plan was implemented, the work is reviewed and it is decided whether the result meets the expectations or another cycle is required. Importantly, the criteria for acceptance for the product need to be kept in clear focus throughout this process in order to ensure that the quality of the product is the expected one.