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AgilePM 05: Quality

How the quality of the product is assessed differs between the Agile and Waterfall methodologies. For Agile, quality checks take place at each development cycle, during the testing phase.

Quality - 1.jpg

By comparison, for Waterfall methodologies quality checks are carried out near the end of the project. This can often mean that a compromise on quality needs to be made, however, due to time constraints and pressure from stakeholders.

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The advantage of Agile is clear, as quality issues can be addressed at any point during the development process, allowing us to reach the final result at a desired quality. This level of quality should be agreed upon at the start of the project, and all the work carried out should aim at reaching the desired level of quality. The goal is to never compromise quality, this being one of the DSDM principles. When the DSDM framework is used, testing is carried out as early as possible. In order to ensure that the testing procedure is appropriate and takes place without unnecessary risks, the teams use MoSCoW prioritization and timeboxing.