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AgilePM 07: Communication

According to the PMBOK and PRINCE2 standards, a project manager needs to spend about 90% of his time communicating. Indeed, poor communication is often considered to be the biggest cause for project failure. In Agile projects communication is vital at each phase of each development cycle. This is why DSDM practices were designed to improve the effectiveness of communication both for individuals and teams.

Communication - 1.jpg

In this sense, within the DSDM framework teams informal communication is encouraged at all levels, and daily team sessions are organized in order to ensure efficient communication. The role of the project manager here is to facilitate continuous and clear communication between the team and stakeholders, and within the team – this representing another DSDM principle.

Human interaction is valued and emphasized by DSDM through stand-ups, workshops, but also by defining clear roles for the team members and by ensuring active involvement in the project development.