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AgilePM® Foundation

AgilePM® Foundation is the first level of AgilePM® certifications, focused on the basic understanding of the terminology and approach of the DSDM Agile Project Framework.

Agile Business Consortium is the owner of DSDM, and the certification program is administered by APMG International, a global examination organization.


Candidates need to be familiar with the following:

This level of certification is mainly about overall understanding, and familiarity with the terminology.

Preparing for the exam

To prepare for the exam, you can take courses (classroom courses or eLearning), or self-study.

The DSDM manuals are the primary references for the exam.

Exam format

The exam is either paper-based (at the end of classroom courses) or online (at the end of eLearning courses). Online exams can be taken from home or work, from [almost] anywhere in the world, and they are invigilated (with webcam and microphone).

There are 50 multiple-choice questions in the exam. You have 40 minutes to answer the questions, and the passing rate is 50%.

It’s a closed-book exam.


There are no prerequisites for the exam.

Obtaining an exam voucher

To attend the exam, you need to have an exam voucher. To obtain a voucher, you would have one of these situations:

Written by Nader K. Rad

This is (and will be) a work in progress: More details will be added in the future, depending on the feedback.

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