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DSDM® Manuals

DSDM® Agile Project Framework is defined and described in the manuals published by its owner, Agile Business Consortium.

If you’re aiming for one of the certifications, make sure you’re using a correct version of the manual (normally, the latest version) that matches the version of the exam you’re going to take.

The AgilePM manual

There’s an official AgilePM Handbook v2 (ISBN: 0992872723), mainly focused on the content needed for the AgilePM certifications. This publication is not available as an ebook.

The free online manual

There’s a complete online DSDM Agile Project Framework available on the Agile Business Consortium website for free (no registration required). Although it’s not branded as a resource for the AgilePM certifications, it can be used as such. However, the amount of content in the online manual may not be enough for the Practitioner exam.

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