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The Deployment Phase

This is one of the six phases in the DSDM® Process, which can be configured in different ways to create various types of lifecycle for the project.

graph TD rp(Pre-Project) --> fs(Feasibility) fs --> fn(Foundations) fn --> ed(Evolutionary Development) ed --> dp(Deployment) dp --> ed dp --> fn dp -.-> fs dp --> sp(Post-Project) style dp fill:#000,stroke:#000,color:#fff

The increments created by the evolutionary development phase are ready to be put into production. Still, not every increment is deployed because deployment has to be aligned with the broader aspects of the business. When there are multiple projects in a program, their deployments may need to be aligned with each other as well.

The deployment phase is run after one or more evolutionary development phases to put the latest increment into production. Some projects have only one deployment at the end, some have a few deployments (e.g., one after every 5 iterations of development), and some deploy every iteration.

Agile projects, in general, prefer to have deployments (releases) throughout the project. When the product is not deployed, it’s only seen by the customer and a few end-user representatives, which generates limited feedback. On the other hand, when the product is deployed, a wide range of end-users will be using it, and the feedback will be more reliable.

After the last deployment, when project’s timeboxed end is approaching, we will proceed to the post‑project phase.

Written by Nader K. Rad

This is (and will be) a work in progress: More details will be added in the future, depending on the feedback.

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