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The Feasibility Phase

This is one of the six phases in the DSDM® Process, which can be configured in different ways to create various types of lifecycle for the project.

graph TD rp(Pre-Project) --> fs(Feasibility) fs --> fn(Foundations) fn --> ed(Evolutionary Development) ed --> dp(Deployment) dp --> ed dp --> fn dp -.-> fs dp --> sp(Post-Project) style fs fill:#000,stroke:#000,color:#fff

This phase is about checking the feasibility of the project, which is a step forward in the rough evaluations of the pre-project phase as it involves more people and it’s more detailed. Although, it has to be the right level of detail, not more than that.

Feasibility of the project is evaluated from two perspectives:

This phase is run after the pre-project phase. When it’s done, we proceed to the foundations phase.

Written by Nader K. Rad

This is (and will be) a work in progress: More details will be added in the future, depending on the feedback.

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