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The Foundations Phase

This is one of the six phases in the DSDM® Process, which can be configured in different ways to create various types of lifecycle for the project.

graph TD rp(Pre-Project) --> fs(Feasibility) fs --> fn(Foundations) fn --> ed(Evolutionary Development) ed --> dp(Deployment) dp --> ed dp --> fn dp -.-> fs dp --> sp(Post-Project) style fn fill:#000,stroke:#000,color:#fff

The foundations phase creates the firm foundation that we need based on the build incrementally from firm foundations principle. Similar to PRINCE2®'s initiating a project process and the preparing section of flow, one of the outputs of this phase is to create high-level plans. To do that, we also need to create a complete understanding of the business rationale of the project, and an overall understanding of the potential product that can satisfy it.

Some of the DSDM products contain our approach to managing the project, developing the product, and designing the product. The main part of these definitions is created in the foundations phase.

The feasibility phase is always followed by the foundations phase, and then the evolutionary development phase. However, we may come back and revisit the foundations phase in some projects. In that case, it’s usually done after the deployment phase to incorporate the feedback of the environment.

The foundations phase is always followed by the evolutionary development phase.

Written by Nader K. Rad

This is (and will be) a work in progress: More details will be added in the future, depending on the feedback.

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