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The AgilePM® certification helps to support people that need to work in an agile environment. AgilePM is a practical methodology that provides a balance between the standards, rigour and visibility required for good project management, pace, change and empowerment of all project members.

14 FREE Lessons: AgilePM Foundation


Free AgilePM Awareness course

This simple AgilePM Awareness course helps you understand one of the best Agile frameworks, DSDM®, and how you can manage your project in this environment. This is an opportunity to see how you can be Agile without Scrum, and use DSDM’s benefits, such as being scaled, and supporting the common project management aspects.

How does this AgilePM Awareness course work? In this AgilePM awareness course, one short, simple email will be sent to you every weekday. It usually takes about 3 minutes to read each email, and most users read them on their mobile phones, on the way to work. It takes 6 weeks to finish the course. Basically, you learn something useful without spending any significant time or effort. Click here to register

DSDM Handbook vs AgilePM Handbook

The focus of agile project management is on developing solutions incrementally (bit by bit) which enables project teams to react to changing requirements, encouraging increased collaboration and better ownership with all project members.

The AgilePM Handbook (Agile Project Management Handbook) contains a subset (90%) of the DSDM Agile Project Framework handbook so these books are basically the same. It is focused on the management and delivery of agile projects and is written from a Project Managers point of view so it easier to understand. Some project managers also read the original DSDM Handbook as it provides an in-depth guide and we suggest to this this if you are going to work in a company that is going to use AgilePM. The AgilePM Handbook is intended to be used to prepare for the APMG AgilePM exams which are AgilePM Foundational and AgilePM Practitioner. You can visit the website for more information on DSDM. You can see links to other guidebooks, case studies and white papers.