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There are videos from:   
There are videos from:   
# [http://agilepm.wiki/ILX_Videos ILX Group]
# [http://agilepm.wiki/ILX_Videos ILX Group]
# KRC - Keith Richards Consulting  
# [http://agilepm.wiki/KRC_Videos KRC - Keith Richards Consulting]
# [http://agilepm.wiki/AgilePM-Video-Introduction MPLAZA]
# [http://agilepm.wiki/AgilePM-Video-Introduction MPLAZA]

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There are a number of AgilePM videos available on YouTube. The objective of this pages to is to make an overview and provide inks to them. There are videos from:

  1. ILX Group
  2. KRC - Keith Richards Consulting

Let me know if about other training videos and I can also add them to the this list .

Videos from MPLAZA

  • MPLAZA provide a full AgilePM online training (Self Study)
  • Here we list link to 10 videos so you can get a good idea of the content

Videos from KRC

  • Keith has many videos on AgilePM as he was the lead author for the AgilePM Handbook
  • Keith does not provide an online training but this videos give a great background to Agile and AgilePM

Videos from ILX Group

  • These are an example of the videos for AgilePM
  • They have only two posted in YouTube