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|[http://prince2.wiki/What_is_PRINCE2 PRINCE2.wiki]
|[http://prince2.wiki/What_is_PRINCE2 PRINCE2.wiki]
'''What is PRINCE2'''
<youtube>PlOKnYhUiuY|alt=what is prince2</youtube>:

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Description Partner name
Official site for DSDM Agile Agile Business Consortium
Mirosław Dąbrowski - AgilePM Trainer www.miroslawdabrowski.com
AgilePM homepage at APMG International Agile International
DSDM Agile Official Handbook online DSDM Agile Online
AgilePM Official Handbook AgilePM Handbook
Keith Richards Training Calendar Keith's Calendar
AgilePM Training Slides by Miroslaw Dabrowski Foundation Slides
AgilePM Official Handbook @ Amazon AgilePM Handbook
Article: What's to like about AgilePM Arras People
Free platform for AgilePM projects Project in a box
AgilePM Phases and Project Roles - Overview Sheet Agile Phase & Roles
AgilePM Info & Videos AgilePM Links
Project Management Search Engine PM Connection
Project Approach Questionnaire (PAQ) PAQ
What is PRINCE2 PRINCE2.wiki

What is PRINCE2